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Duostone – A contemporary link block option

Link wall blocks are a dime a dozen, every manufacturer produces a similar product, with similar designs and colours; let’s face it, there’s only so much you can so with a concrete block. Along comes the new Natural Impressions® Duostone block from Adbri Masonry, a brand new link wall block bolstering the unique Natural Impressions Range.

Duostone is a designer garden wall ideal for edging and retaining walls. Duostone features a unique block profile, a combination of natural and smooth surfaces randomly fused together resulting in finished walls that boast a modern architectural appeal with no rival in the Australian market. The new ultra rich Graphite colour is a super black crafted using premium oxides for deep colour and consistency.

With Duostone comes a new ultra rich black called Graphite. It has been specially crafted using premium oxides for deep colour and consistency which once again sets this block apart from the crowd.

Duostone is a DIY friendly option, the dry-stack link wall design means no mortar is necessary and at only 9.42kg each, they are easy to handle and transport around site.

Get the look featured here by pairing your Natural Impressions Duostone Retaining Wall blocks with Adbri Masonry Lawn Edge and the ultra cool Euro Stone paving range.

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