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Don’t forget your lawn this winter!

Although growth is slow, it’s important to give your lawn some TLC even in the cold winter months.

During in winter, your lawn needs as much sunlight as possible, so make sure you keep on top of your garden chores and remove all the deciduous tree leaf droppings and make sure you use your catcher when mowing to avoid grass clipping build up.

When it’s cold, grass and plants grow much slower (when was the last time you mowed?). For this reason, try raising the height of your mower to protect your soil and grass and trap the heat.  This will also help to maximise photosynthesis.

During the winter, you can still apply a healthy dose of fertiliser. A great option is Eco 88, a blend of the best organic and inorganic ingredients which will ensure your lawn and garden enjoy fast and long-lasting results, encouraging your lawn through the winter. Water it in well to make the most from your application.

It is also a perfect time to be taking care of those pesky winter weeds. Get control of them before the warm weather, as once spring hits they’ll go crazy! All-purpose weed killers containing Bromoxynil for Buffalo lawns and Bentazone and Dicamba for couch lawns. Buffalo varieties such as Sir Walter DNA Certified require specialty herbicides. Most standard herbicides, suitable for couch lawns will damage a buffalo. So make sure you check the active constituents closely and use the right product!

Check out our article 6 Common Lawn Weeds – Identification & Treatment for help on taking care of your weed issues!

Happy Gardening!

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