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DIY Retaining Walls

An addition of a Retaining Wall to your garden design is one of the simplest ways to create more usable space and with the wide variety of retaining wall options available on the market you will be sure to find a style to meet your design and DIY ability.

With proper planning, a small to medium sized retaining wall can be a weekend project. The most simple method of retaining is using a masonry link wall block such as the Adbri Versawall Block. This type of block requires no specific engineering, concrete, mortar or glue. That being said, if you’re planning a large wall (long or high), take your time and DON’T attempt it in just one weekend!

Order your gear in advance! For a weekend project, we recommend having everything delivered on the Thursday (or 2 delivery days before you require the gear). This allows for a little wiggle room incase something doesn’t go to plan. There’s always the Friday to get it sorted. There’s nothing worse than looking for something first thing Saturday morning and realising it hasn’t been delivered or you neglected to add it to the order!

We would suggest a retaining wall between 5-8 square metres on solid level ground could be thrown up over a weekend. Invite your mates around, and tell them to bring beer.

Other weekend retaining wall projects may include timber sleepers. Once again, this is a fantastic DIY friendly option and a small to medium sized wall can easily be knocked up over a weekend with the right tools, know-how and planning.

Retaining Wall Shopping List

Tools List

  • String Line
  • Spirit Level
  • Rubber Mallet
  • Cutting Equipment
  • Bolster & Hammer
  • Wheelbarrow, shovel & rake
  • Carton of your favourite beer!

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Featured Products

AB Courtyard

A durable, versatile and a cost-effective way to bring value to you landscaping.

AB Courtyard

The Courtyard Range is a durable and versatile retaining option. This two-sided free standing wall system’s unique design can be used in many different applications.

A unique system that can be used for a myriad of applications. It is double sided and can be used in free standing situations as a low boundary wall as well as seating.

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Adbri Versawall

A large split face textured block that results in a natural rock appearance.

Adbri Versawall

Versawall® blocks by Adbri Masonry feature a large split face texture that results in a natural rock appearance. They stack together easily making them perfect for all DIY segmental retaining walls, garden edging and planter boxes.

The Versawall range is one of the most cost effective vertical retaining wall options available.

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Austral Heron Wall

A structurally sound block perfect for DIY and commercial applications alike.

Austral Heron Wall

Depending on what suits your overall desire, one thing is certain Heron Retaining Wall Blocks have the colour and finish for all landscaping projetcs.

Heron Blocks are structurally sound and are perfect for the DIY weekend warrior or Commercial sized jobs alike. Heron Block require no mortar and are virtually maintenance free.

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CCA Pine Sleepers

A landscaping staple, sleepers offer a cost effective and efficient walling system.

CCA Pine Sleepers

CCA treated sleepers are a landscaping staple and offer one of the most cost effective and efficient walling systems. With a narrow footprint, sleepers also offer a space efficient option.

With no specialist tools required, apart from a saw, shovel and tape measure, sleepers walls are the most DIY friendly retaining option available.

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Downloadable Guides

Link Wall DIY Guide

This downloadable PDF guide will give you the tools and information you need to confidently and professional complete your link wall retaining project.

Sleeper Wall DIY Guide

This downloadable PDF guide will give you the tools and information you need to confidently and professional complete your sleeper wall retaining project.