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Need more entertaining space? No worries! Just add a paved patio area to your back or front garden this weekend! Paving is such a simple addition and in many cases, requires no specialist tools. Unlike concrete, paving is very DIY friendly and far more aesthetically pleasing. Check out this great article about why paving is the Superior Surface Treatment in landscaping.

There are a multitude of paving styles and designs to choose from, be it the colour, texture or laying pattern, all of which can alter the feel of your finished project. A great resource to get your project planning underway is here: What’s Your Paving Style?

Like retaining walls, paving can be a large undertaking and only small areas should be attempted over the course of just one weekend. An area up to 6 metres by 6 metres is achievable depending on the condition of the area you’re starting with.

If your area is level and clear you should be good to go. Plan ahead. Order your gear for earlier in the week and write yourself a checklist. Go through and make sure everything large or heavy like sand, base and the pavers are onsite ready to go. Tools and small accessories can always be picked up over the weekend.

If you’re starting with an existing paved area that will need clearing always allow more time. Perhaps clear the first weekend and pave over the next. Likewise, if there is plenty of ground work to be done in getting level, sorting drainage or reconfiguring the space add an extra weekend to ease the stress.

Once you’re ready to get started, drop into our Landscape Design and Selection Centre to see hundreds of paving options from Brisbane’s best suppliers.

Paving Shopping List

Tools List

  • 2 x Screed Rails
  • Screed Board
  • Spirit Level
  • Rubber Mallet
  • String Line
  • Broom
  • Cutting Equipment
  • Plate Compactor
  • Wheelbarrow, shovel & rake
  • Carton of your favourite beer!

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Featured Products

Euro Stone

Adbri Euro Stone

A premium, architecturally inspired linear paving slab has been lightly shotblast to exfoliate the surface

Adbri Euro Stone

This premium, architecturally inspired linear paving slab has been lightly shotblast to exfoliate the surface and expose the natural aggregates found within this slip resistant paver.

Suitable for residential and commercial projects alike, Euro® Stone pavers are supplied with consistent sizing and thickness.

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Boral Aspenstone

Designed to emulate the traditional colour and feel of stone.

Boral Aspenstone

The Aspenstone range is a premium wetcast paver designed to emulate the traditional colour and feel of stone in a sophisticated large rectangular format.

The Aspenstone range is perfect for all residential landscaping projects and looks fantastic in large feature areas and garden bed stepping stone alike.

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Sesame Grey Granite

Natural stone adds a touch of class other materials just can't match!

Sesame Grey Granite

The Sesame Grey Granite Pavers tick all the boxes in modern landscape design.

The flamed texture coupled with the modern grey palette and clean crisp cut lines makes the Sesame Grey the perfect choice in your next design.

Natural stone adds a touch of class other materials just can’t emulate!

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Regal Clay Pavers

The ultimate low maintenance surface treatment.

Regal Clay Pavers

Regal Pavers offer a smooth finish that lets you create your own little slice of Tuscany using any of the 5 fantastic earthy colours.

Clay is the ultimate in low maintenance, with no sealing or specific cleaning requirements. They will keep their colour and texture for the life of your design while keeping there timeless elegance.

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Paving Videos


If you’re planning on tackling your paving project yourself, check out our DIY Paving Video Series for a detailed step-by-step walk through of the process from start to finish. With our DIY Paving Video Series you’ll be able to achieve a professional quality finish that you’ll be proud of!

Landscaping Tools

Base Preparation

Sand Preparation

Laying Pavers

Cutting Pavers


Turfstone Driveway

Turfstone by Adbri Masonry is a fantastic product perfect for high use areas that require both structural stability and permeability. Turfstone can be used on driveways or pathways alike under both grass and pebble. Join Justin Hodges for a video guide on how to lay Turfstone at your home.

Stepping Stone Pathway

A stepping stone pathway is a fantastic way to spruce up the neglected side access to your property, the path to the clothesline or even your main entrance way. With Jason Hodges help you’ll be able to achieve a professional result. We recommend Euro Stone by Adbri Masonry (Featured).

Downloadable Guides

Paving DIY Guide

This downloadable PDF guide will give you the tools and information you need to confidently and professional complete your paving project.