At Centenary Landscaping Supplies we sell much of our bulk material by weight rather than volume which can often make the product appear cheaper (sometimes more expensive depending on the bulk density). This is not our intention, and we always endeavour to remain completely transparent with all our pricing information and will always provide you with either a converted cubic metre price (as in our downloadable Price List) or the bulk density for easy calculation.

Below is a listing of our entire bulk product catalogue with the conversions clearly indicated. The number within the table shows the weight of that product in Tonnes for the indicated volume. This information is available on every product page usually listed in the short and long description, as well as on the Additional Information tab where applicable. It will usually be displayed like this – 1.5 Tonne = 1 m3. For more information about how to use this formula please refer to the section presented below the table.

Table One: Bulk Density Conversion Guide.

Soil (A-Z)      
A1 Top Dressing1.000.500.670.330.250.13
Black Label Soil1.100.550.730.370.280.14
Supreme Garden Soil1.000.500.660.330.250.125
Budget Soil1.000.500.660.330.250.125
Natural Soil1.500.751.000.500.380.19
Potting Mixes0.650.330.430.220.160.08
Platinum Garden Soil1.000.500.660.330.250.125
Ultima Garden Soil1.000.500.660.330.250.125
Special Blend1.000.500.670.330.250.13
Trade Soil1.000.500.670.330.250.13
Underturf Soil1.200.600.800.400.300.15
Sand (A-Z)      
Slab Fill Sand1.500.751.000.500.380.19
Concreting & Filling (A-Z)      
Concrete Blend1.800.901.200.600.450.23
Crusher Dust1.600.801.070.530.400.20
Drainage Gravels1.500.751.000.500.380.19
Recycled Drainage Gravel1.250.630.830.420.310.16
Recycled Dust & Roadbase1.500.751.000.500.380.19
Road Base1.700.851.130.570.430.21
Pebble & Gravel (A-Z)      
Cascade Pebbels1.600.801.070.530.400.20
Cream Quartz1.500.751.000.500.380.19
Fashion Grey1.500.751.000.500.380.19
Lightening Bronze Pebbles1.500.751.000.500.380.19
Nambucca Pebbles1.600.801.070.530.400.20
River Pebbles 5,10,20,40, & 50-1301.500.751.000.500.380.19
River Rock 25-130&130-3001.500.751.000.500.380.19
Sunset Gravel1.400.700.930.470.350.18
Tenterfield Pebbles1.500.751.000.500.380.19
Tumbled Sandstone1.400.700.930.470.350.18
Winter Grey Pebbles1.600.801.070.530.400.20

Why do you sell by Tonne when others don’t?

The reason for this method is quite simply, this is how we purchase it from our suppliers which makes it the most accurate way for us to sell it and for you to purchase it. Many other suppliers sell all of their products by volume. We found that this method is an inaccurate way of measuring materials. Although a supplier may use certified bucket sizes on their loading devices, some products like sand and soil can be “fluffed up” in the bucket to fill a greater volume and unless the loader driver levels the bucket perfectly with a straight edge to water level, it is very unlikely you are receiving an accurate quantity. Sure, sometimes this method will give you more product, but just as often you will end up with less! Sometimes, a little extra is a great thing, but it can also be a real pain! It is not always easy or cheap disposing of bulk materials you have been oversupplied.

When purchasing by weight, you know what you’re buying and receiving and will always be provided with a printed weight measure if required. You can rest assured the volumes you determine for your job will be accurately supplied.

You will notice however that not all of our materials are sold by weight, our lighter materials such as bark, mulch and compost are still sold by the metre.

When viewing a product online, such as a decorative pebble, soil, or sand you will notice a few numbers that may look similar to this – 1.5 Tonne = 1 Cubic Metre. This is the bulk density conversion. The following information explains how to use this information.

What is the Conversion Guide and how do I use it?

The conversion guide is to be used for all the soils, sands and gravels we sell.

We have tested and measured how much 1m3 of each material weighs (The Bulk Density) and this gives us the Conversion Guide for each product (which can be found on the Additional Information tab of most products or in the product description).

To find out how many Tonnes of a particular product you will need for your project, and to use this guide just multiply the Volume required (Cubic Metres) by the Conversion Rate (Bulk Density).

Volume Required (cubic metres) X Conversion Rate (Bulk Density)

For example, if you needed 3m3 River Pebble 10mm, which has a 1.5 Tonne Bulk Density, you would multiply 3 x 1.5 which = 4.5. So, 3m3 = 4.5t of River Pebbles.

For advice on how much of a product you need for your project, our sales team are here to help and can discuss with you to verify the volume, bulk density or amount of material for the job.

What about when it rains?

This is a common concern we get from many of our customers. It can not be denied that when it rains that some of the products like soil and sand will hold water. Generally speaking, a rain shower once or twice a week makes no difference at all. Prolonged rain, however, is a different story. When we experience heavy, prolonged rain, our yard and driving team have been trained to revert back to the “Load By Volume” method. Essentially, not only are our loaders equipped with trade approved scales, but also certified bucket sizes to allow easy measuring in these circumstances.

Don’t worry, you won’t pay for water!

If you have any questions regarding the bulk density conversion or need a hand to convert your materials, please give us a call on (07) 33734999.


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