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ColourGuard – The Greenskeepers best friend

Are you an obsessive green keeper that dreads the winter? Do you sadly look out your window at your browning lawn? Well, there’s a brand new product that’s right up your alley! Colourguard is a game changing product from Lawn Solutions Australia. It’s environmentally friendly, 100% organic and makes you look like a turfing god amongst mere mortals!

ColourGuard is a natural turf grass colourant which is easily applied and means your lawn will always look great, no matter what the weather is doing. It might sound a bit strange to ‘colour’ your lawn, but there are a variety of reasons this may be a great option for you. During the cooler months, turf slows its growth considerably and can lose colour. In most cases, this is completely normal and the lawn usually remains healthy through this time. A quick application of ColourGuard will give your lawn a healthy natural glow.

Expecting company or preparing to put the house on the market? ColourGuard is a quick, efficient and effective means to bring your lawn back up to standard and lasts for up to 4 mows.

You can also use ColourGuard in conjunction with common lawn broad-spectrum weed killers. Often when weeds are treated in the domestic lawn, it is followed by a few weeks of ‘browning’ while the weeds die off and your grass recovers and takes hold. Apply both treatments through the one pressure sprayer modifying the dosage to suit.

Benefits of using ColourGuard ‘lawn paint’

  1. Instantly restores the natural green colour of your lawn – instantly!
  2. Drastically reduces the need to water your lawn in periods of drought.
  3. Stays green for up to 3 months per application.
  4. Won’t wash off, run or stain.
  5. Completely safe for the environment, pets and people.
  6. 100% eco-friendly and non-toxic

ColourGuard has been developed to give you the best lawn in the street on drought, frost affected or dormant grass. It instantly restores the natural colour of your grass while at the same time increases your grass health. Suitable for use with all grass and turf species including Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo, Platinum Zoysia and Aussie Blue Couch.

ColourGuard is available to purchase in a 100ml concentrate or a handy ready-to-use sprayer that can attach directly to your garden hose.

How to use ColourGuard

  1. Attach your hose to the 2 Litre Ready To Use bottle, or mix the 100ml concentrate with water in a pressure sprayer as per the bottle instructions.
  2. Spray evenly across your lawn, working from methodically from one side to another.
  3. When spraying near hard surfaces like paths and driveways, stand on the surface and spray the ColourGuard away from the surface onto your lawn.
  4. Leave your lawn to dry for at least 2 hours afterwards (if in full sunlight), or longer if it is shady.

Tips for using ColourGuard

  • If you do accidentally spray onto a hard surface, simply wash the spray off into the lawn using hosed water.
  • Once you have applied ColourGuard, give it 2 hours to dry in full sunlight, or longer if the lawn is not in full sun.
  • You can mow your lawn after using ColourGuard has dried – just don’t set the mower too low and scalp your lawn.
  • ColourGuard is a permanent colorant, so it will disappear as the grass leaf grows.
  • Don’t worry if it rains – ColourGuard is not washed off by rain or water, once it has dried.

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