Protect Your Investment – Seal Your Pavers – Sealer Selection

What Sealer?

With so many sealers on the market, it’s hard to know which one is right for you. Will it make them glossy, slippery or change the colour? All concerns which need considerations when protection is important.

Refer to the table below for some information on what sealers are suitable for your job. Or you can download our pricelist and information sheet to the right.

SealerBaseCoats TypeDuty Rating Price Suitability
AdvantageAlcohol2-3NaturalIIIIClay, Coarse Concrete,
Natural Stone, Slate & Porcelain
Clear SealWater1Natural, PenetratingIIClay, All Concrete,
Natural Stone
EndureSolvent2-3High Gloss, DarkeningIIClay, Concrete,
Natural Stone
Hi LiteSolvent2+Natural, PenetratingIIIClay, Coarse Concrete,
Natural Stone
PinnacleAlcohol2-4Natural, PenetratingIIIIIISuitable for most surfaces (not porcelain)
Stone SealWater1Low Gloss, Darkening,
IIIClay, Coarse Concrete,
Natural Stone
Tuscan SealSolvent1-6Natural, PenetratingIIIISuitable for most surfaces (not porcelain)

Still not sure? Here are some common paver choices and a recommender sealer.

Adbri Quardro Pavers – Endure Sealer. Being a very coarse and porous paver, the sealer will be absorbed nicely with a very slight sheen. Will slightly darken the paver.

Wetcast Concrete, such as Edenstone or Boral – Tuscan Sealer or Pinnacle Sealer. Both of these sealers will absorb into the dense concrete finish leaving an unaltered appearance. If a sealer like Endure is used, the finish would be hight gloss.

Natural Himalayan Sandstone – Hi Lite Sealer. Hi Lite Sealer is perfect for natural stone with colour variation. The sealer will enhance the natural colours of stone and really make it “pop” and will darken the colour overall.

Check out our next blog here Protect Your Investment – Seal Your Pavers – Preparation & Application for a step-by-step guide on getting the job done right!

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