Your Soil pH Fact Sheet

Different plants require different levels of various nutrients in order to flourish; the major of which are Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) often referred to on the side of a bag of fertiliser as the NPK levels. Other elements high up on the requirement list are calcium, sulphur and iron and of course smaller quantities of trace elements such as copper, zinc and magnesium.

Composting at Home

A key element for any keen veggie grower is a working compost heap, from a pile in the corner of your backyard to a store-bought, plastic variety. Not only is a compost bin a great way to recycle garden and kitchen waste or scraps but it also creates fantastic fertiliser for soil across your entire garden, not only the humble veggie patch. A compost bin can turn waste into food for soil organisms and also give nutrients to plant life. A simple rule is, anything that once lived (with the exception of meat and bones) can be composted to create to basis to help something else grow.

Introducing the New Range of UltraGROW Soils

We are proud to introduce our new and improved range of UltraGROW Organic Garden and Turf Soils. The UltraGROW range available exclusively from Centenary Landscaping Supplies, together comprise the largest and most comprehensive Soil range available in the retail market. UltraGROW soils are sourced from the best manufacturers in South-East Queensland. These manufacturers are licensed to manufacture to the high standards we demand and we have worked closely with them to ensure the UltraGROW range truly are “Soils You Can Trust”.

What To Plant in Your Vegetable Patch This Weekend…

Before getting stuck in and planting out your autumn crop, consider reconditioning your tired soil. Ideal vegetable garden soil should be loose, deep and crumbly. It should drain well (water should not stand on top after rain) and contain plenty of organic matter (see below). Good garden soil will deliver the right mixture of air, water, and nutrients to grow a large root system and strong, productive plants. If your working with an existing vegetable garden and have had successful results previously you may need to do very little preparation to get started for the next season.