Introducing the new UltraGrow® On Slab Podium Soils™

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The team at Centenary Landscaping Supplies have identified a growing demand from both Landscape Architects and landscape contractors alike for soil that is fit for purpose and designed around the detailed specifications laid out in this manual. Contractors are now being held accountable for the soil chosen on projects and are expected to source suitable options based around a rigorous testing regime.

Top Lawn Care Tips for Your Inner Green Keeper

Of course lawns, just like all the other greenery in your garden need water I hear you say. But the question is are you doing it right? Do your sprinklers work? Do you use a hose or a movable sprinkler? Have you got irrigation installed? Depending on how you water will really dictate how long you should water for and how regularly.Did you know that you can over water your lawn? Too much water can leave the leaves and stems of the grass weak and soft which mean they can get easily damaged simply by walking or playing on an area. Too much water can even drown the roots cutting off the vital oxygen need for survival.

The Makings of a Good Top Soil – Part 2

Once a plant is kept upright; has enough water to survive and there are enough air spaces (porosity) around the roots for gaseous exchange, we then need to ensure that it has enough food or nutrients to grow and flourish.

The Makings of a Good Top Soil – Part 1

In any planting situation, be it in a general garden bed; under a lawn; in a vegetable or herb garden or even in a larger planter box or podium planter, there are some key requirements that plant life needs to thrive: sunlight, water and nutrients.

Your Soil pH Fact Sheet

Different plants require different levels of various nutrients in order to flourish; the major of which are Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) often referred to on the side of a bag of fertiliser as the NPK levels. Other elements high up on the requirement list are calcium, sulphur and iron and of course smaller quantities of trace elements such as copper, zinc and magnesium.

Introducing the New Range of UltraGROW Soils

We are proud to introduce our new and improved range of UltraGROW Organic Garden and Turf Soils. The UltraGROW range available exclusively from Centenary Landscaping Supplies, together comprise the largest and most comprehensive Soil range available in the retail market. UltraGROW soils are sourced from the best manufacturers in South-East Queensland. These manufacturers are licensed to manufacture to the high standards we demand and we have worked closely with them to ensure the UltraGROW range truly are “Soils You Can Trust”.

Landscaping Essentials – Estimating

Sure, it is easy to wake up one morning and decide you want to landscape your whole backyard, but carrying out garden construction requires considerable planning, no matter what the size! And if you're new to landscaping, it's often hard to know where to begin, what tools to use and what quantity of materials are required. Here's a basic guide to get you started!

Clay and Your Garden

Brisbane has many soil types ranging from poor nutrient carrying Sand, deep red loamy soil, dark alluvial soil and clay. The most widespread is shallow, gravelly red and yellow loam over a deeper layer of heavy clay. In many parts of Brisbane, soils are often low in nutrients, compacted and poorly drained due to large-scale urban development which has changed the landscape dramatically.

Water Restriction Lifted in Brisbane

Some great news for garden lovers this week with the demise of the Queensland Water Commission bringing to an end the water restrictions that have been imposed on SEQ residents at various levels for the last 10-15 years.Well what does this mean for you and me? Well essentially, we can sprinkle our lawns and gardens unashamedly! Not for free of course... So, what would it cost you?Currently in SEQ, water charges are made up of a few different components including both fixed charges and your personal water consumption charges.