Introducing New “Zythum Turf”

We are excited to announce a fantastic new turf product to the market. Zythum Turf is a revolutionary new turf species from the Iocus'unum Aprilis family. Designed and grafted locally in South-East Queensland, Zythum Turf has been specifically grown to suit Queensland conditions and has a number a unique features which will be sure to make it the first choice for Queensland backyards.

Day One: The sun is out

The sun is finally out and today marks the first day onsite for the new temporary "CLS" Staff. The workmen are here and have begun setting out for our new Sales and Administration building to be located between our current residences and the new driveway. The excavators will be onsite tomorrow!

I’ve moused up an order!

mouse here again and im in trouble... i have been looking after the place at night and ive got a problem and i need your help…