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Benefits of Sealing Pavers: Why it is Important and Necessary

Incorporating concrete pavers into your garden design can significantly enhance your outdoor living experience by creating functional and attractive spaces for you and your loved ones to enjoy. Unfortunately, without the proper care, these surfaces are susceptible to staining, discoloration and surface degradation over time. Applying a sealant at time of installation and regularly throughout their life coupled with the use of specialty cleaners designed for concrete and stone will keep your pavers looking like new.


Pavers used along a path | Featured image for Benefits of Sealing Pavers: Why it is Important and Necessary blog for Centenary Landscaping.

Paver sealants can be broken down into two main types, topical and penetrating. Topical sealants coat the paver in a fashion more akin to paint creating a physical barrier between environmental factors and porous paving surface while penetrating sealers absorb into the concrete finish leaving a more natural look and feel. While a penetrating sealer doesn’t offer quite as good of protection as a topical option, protection is still great while offering a more natural appearance. 

Sealed pavers are easier to keep clean, will last longer and hold up better to their unsealed counterparts. For best practice, sealers should be reapplied every one to two years depending on the specific product used and the amount of traffic on the surface. In this blog, we’ll outline the benefits of sealing pavers and concrete and the benefit of using cleaners on both.

Whether you’re looking to clean up an existing installation or prevent future problems, Centenary Landscaping has the right product for the job. For the best in paver and concrete protection, sealers, and cleaners, call us at 07 3373 4999 or fill out the online form.

Benefits of using sealant and cleaners on pavers and concrete

Regular cleaning and sealing of concrete and pavers can significantly extend the life of these surfaces, preserving their pristine appearance for years to come. Proper maintenance is crucial to keep outdoor spaces looking their best, and homeowners who invest the time and effort to care for their concrete and pavers will be rewarded with a beautiful outdoor area they can enjoy for many years. 

Despite their strength and durability, natural stone and concrete pavers are still vulnerable to the effects of weather and human wear and tear. As a result, it’s essential to consider the benefits of both sealing pavers and cleaning them regularly to ensure they remain in excellent condition.

Pavers installed around a pool | Featured image for Benefits of Sealing Pavers: Why it is Important and Necessary blog for Centenary Landscaping.Maintain the “as new” look

Ensure your pavers last longer by warding off stains and maintaining their beauty and value. If you’re looking to protect your pavers and keep their appearance at a top level for years to come, our paving and concrete sealers are the perfect solution. Options provide a beautiful wet look or a natural finish while helping to repel spills and stains.


Protect against mould

Pavers located in areas with low sunlight, such as shady patios or meandering stone pathways in the garden, are at risk of high humidity, moisture, and mold growth. Just like other materials, stone is prone to mold growth in these conditions. However, sealing the pavers can help protect against mold by reducing the water absorption of the surface. If mold does appear, cleaning it with a suitable chlorine-based cleaner becomes an easier task on a sealed finish.

Prevent discolouration and wash out

When it comes to choosing a surface treatment for your garden, pavers are a popular option due to their aesthetic appeal. Unlike the formality and rigidity of poured concrete, pavers – whether natural or concrete – bring a softer and more appealing look to your outdoor space. However, exposure to the elements over time can cause the finish of pavers to fade or wash out, while the use of harsh chemical cleaners to remove stains may also affect the paver’s finish and colour. This is particularly concerning as pavers are known to increase the value of a home, and poor maintenance could diminish that value. To prevent this, applying a high-quality sealer can help lock in the paver’s colour and reduce the need for harsh chemicals in the cleaning process, ensuring that your pavers look as stunning as the day they were first installed.

Ready to seal your pavers?

If you have pavers that require sealing, don’t put it off any longer. Browse our range of landscaping supplies online today and call us at 07 3373 4999 or fill out the online form so we can help protect your pavers and concrete. Centenary Landscaping are your landscaping suppliers Brisbane goes to.

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