We take feedback very seriously, and we always love to hear about our customer’s experience and how we are performing. This is just a small snippet of what they have been saying…


Hope you are well.

From a customer focused career, I know first hand it isn’t very often customers give positive feedback, only negative.

So I would really like to give all your staff some positive feedback.

My husband and I have used Centenary a number of times recently and everytime we have nothing but exceptional customer service from the front desk, on the ground staff and delivery drivers.

A big praise must go to a yard team member, Ryan – I purchased some first grade pavers and he brought to the attention of the front desk team member that he didn’t think the pavers were firsts and he was not happy to load the pavers on the back of my ute. Turns out they weren’t and seconds were accidentally put out. Both Ryan and the sales member were helpful and Ryan went and found another pallet of quality product. I found Ryan so extremely friendly and had a great chat while loading the pavers. It isn’t very often these days you get such great customer service.

You must be doing something right to have such great staff in general. My husband and I are not local but will continue to use Centenary because of the great customer service we receive time and time again. To everyone, keep up the good work and thank you!

Sheree B – Rosewood

Hi there,

Just a Short note to say thanks for the prompt delivery of my recent order. Your driver Tony arrived at the specified appointment time and was most helpful.

My driveway is notoriously difficult (curved and steep). When ordering the load I told your representative about the driveway and that is might be best to send a smaller truck. He told me “no worries – we’ll look after you”.

Sure enough, I notice on my delivery docket the special instructions: “small truck only”.

Your driver Tony was a legend. He was unable to reverse up the driveway as the load (hoop fines) wasn’t heavy enough to get sufficient traction. He could have just given up and dropped the load on the footpath – but he didn’t. We discussed a number of other options and eventually worked out a solution.

Even though there was some (very) fiddly manoeuvring involved Tony didn’t get frustrated or show any signs of impatience. He really gave the impression that his first priority was to have a satisfied customer.

Now I realise that I’m just a small customer and to be honest there’s probably no real reason to make such an effort for me. Except professionalism – and you guys have it in droves.

I’m sure you find people are very quick to let you know when some part of your service isn’t quite up to their standard. I think it’s only fair that you also get told when someone is impressed with your service.

Once again thanks to Tony and the rest of your team for their professionals, efficiency and courtesy.


Bob B – Chapel Hill

Dear Terry & Denise,

I wanted you to know about an outstanding member of your Sales Team. I purchased a simple 1/8th of a metre of Forest Mulch about a week ago. For a low price – it was fine. I found I needed more – so on Friday April 5th I drove up and purchased a further 1/8th. It was in a different location in your yard – and seemed different in appearance. Nonetheless, I loaded up, got it home, and spread it to surprise my wife when she arrived home. Surprised she was, but not pleasantly. Load two was so different from load one that they looked rather odd alongside each other. Load two was full of the sort of rubbish one might find at the local tip.

I took the chance to phone Centenary Landscaping Supplies and report my displeasure. My call was taken by a lady named Lesley. What a positive and understanding employee she is and without hesitation she offered to let me drive up the next day (Saturday) and replace my sub-quality load, with another low price line, no argument about it! She was clear, concise, and communicative.

I just wanted to say thanks to your company for honouring its GUARANTEE and to assure you that Lesley is a real credit to Centenary Landscaping Supplies. To Terry and Denise, your company is even better today than when my wife and I first became customers just 4 days after you opened.

Sincerely ,

Robert and Patricia W.

Dear Terry and Denise

I just wanted to write to tell you how good your website is. I needed to visit it to explore options for retaining walls. I was so impressed!

Here’s what is good about it:
• You provide good information
• You don’t shy away from the negatives (eg CCA treated wood) and offer alternatives (eg ‘kindy’ wood)
• You help your customers to become more knowledgeable in their choices through this great text
• The layout is very professional but easy and quick to navigate – its so easy to find what you want
• You have obviously taken time to imagine what things are like for your potential clients
• Your thoughtful touches (eg ‘feet and inches’ comparisons) are lovely
• You have made me feel welcome at your business – the thoughtful map of your physical ‘shop’ helps me to know I won’t be lost when I get there
• You have provided prices – YES! I don’t have to phone to get simple information

Thanks so much, Terry and Denise. I strongly believe that businesses (ie the owners) need to be congratulated when they push customer buttons. As a business owner myself, I know how much time and effort goes into this sort of thing. A heartful pat on the back from me ☺

Kind regards,

Trish P – Green Door Group Pty Ltd

Dear Terry and Denise,

I would like to congratulate both yourselves and your team on a very professionally run business.
My wife and I purchased land in Jindalee in 1975 and built the house that we still live in to this day.
In the early years we had to travel out of the area to purchase our landscaping supplies.
When you commenced trading at Darra we were one of your first customers.
Since then we have watched you grow which brings me to the main reason for this email.

Your staff is always pleasant, helpful and obliging.
In particular I would like to praise Shane Matheson, whom over the last few weeks I have had the pleasure of being looked after. Always professional and polite, as I have found all your staff from the front counter to the yard personal and loader operators.

This does not happen unless they are trained and have good management. So well done.

My daughter who has left home and purchased a home in Westlake with her fiancée just loves coming to your yard also sings your praises. Your display is the best I have seen, driveways swept stockpiles neat and your fleet of trucks always well presented. (Even if they are the wrong brand!)

Too often people are quick to criticize but are slow to take the time to compliment.
Please pass on my congratulations and appreciation all your staff on making a visit to your yard an enjoyable experience.


Tim R – Volvo Commercial Vehicles Australia Pty Ltd

Dear Terry and Denise O’Shea

We sincerely thank you for your tremendous help during the flood recovery period, especially helping remove the rubbish and flood debris for us. You have made a big difference to our recovery task, and we sincerely appreciate your great help during the most trying period for our family. Your selfless act and thoughtfulness have inspired us to move forward regardless of obstacles, and we are overwhelmed and deeply touched by your generosity.

We cordially invite you to the grand opening of our centre. We enclose our invitation and sincerely hope you can make it.

We also intend to invite you both for dinner once the Nook Restaurant (own by Mary from Gardenway) is open for trading.

Once again, thank you…


Hien N – Jindalee Unit Trust


Recently we had a delivery of bricks for our retaining wall at Mount Crosby. We were not at home on that time. We would like to say a huge THANK YOU for the person who delivered the bricks. He put it into the spot exactly when the retaining wall is being built.

We are not so young anymore so it was such a great help for us as we were not forced to carry the bricks for any distance at all. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

It is so good to know that there are still people who think while doing their job. I am sure we will visit your place again in the near future. Please can you pass our appreciation to the relevant person?

Kind regards.

Eva N – Mount Crosby


I just wanted to email and say thanks for some great service that I received today.

I had a problem with the amount of pebbles that were delivered to me and the issue was sorted out quickly and in a friendly manner. Once the correct amount had been delivered the team followed up with a phone call to check all was ok.

We are all too quick to complain when someone gives us bad service so I wanted to say thanks for some good service and have his customer service skills recognized.

Many thanks,

Claire P – Westlake

Just thought I would take the time to express my recent experience with your company.

This website is by far the best I have seen going around. It is very difficult as a Melbourne Based company to know where to find Garden Supplies but I used Google and I found you straightaway

I spoke to James in sales, he helped me a lot and got my order delivered to the RNA Show grounds within 2.5 hours which is awesome.

Thank you once again and keep up the fine work.

Kind Regards,

Eamon H – DisplayWise

The reality is that sometimes things don’t go as planned, so we do get negative complaint letters from time to time and some are nasty, but ALL have been fixed to the customers complete satisfaction in accordance with our Money Back 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.