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6 Great Uses for Pot Plants in Your Garden

Love pots and planters but don’t know how to incorporate them into your garden design? Well here’s 6 great uses for pot plants in your garden to get your creative juices flowing!



Frame your door or property entrance

Topiary plants in bright colours, unique or statement pots are a perfect option for placing beside your front door to make a lively entrance. Use in pairs for an even bolder statement! Your pot or planter choice can be an expression of your personality!

topiary wall


To break up an expanse of colour and add a height and visual interest

If you have a long white fence, a blank rendered wall or an expanse of boring pavers consider using tall pots with architectural type plants, or rounded squat pots with cascading plants to break up the area, visual interest and make the space more inviting to family and friends.

pathway pots


To lead the way

If you have an awkward space and guests never seem to know how to find their way to your door, use pot plants to guide them on their way. Highlight the gateway, pathway, entrance or patio.

A garden path lined with large pots and plants, shrubs or trees add points of interest along the way. The more unusual or attention-getting your pots, the more effective they will be at leading you down the garden path.



Bring Colour and life to your decor

Plants inside the home is shown to be of great benefit to the occupants health and wellbeing on many different levels. A well chosen plant not only cleanses the air of pollution, it can also be used to complement just about design style. Use a combination of patterns, colours and plants to create amazing focal points in the home.



To create focal points and features in the garden

Use large oversized planters at the end of garden paths and walkways to create a focal point that draws the eye. Coupled with a topiary tree, architectural grass, tropical exotics or even with addition of water, large pots are the perfect eye candy for the far reaching corners of your garden.



To grow herbs by the back door

A combination of sizes and shapes placed in volume make for perfect herb gardens and when they’re in easy reach of the kitchen, you’ll be far more inclined to use fresh produce in your cooking!

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