Imported Kashmiri Decorative Pebbles…

These fantastic Imported Decorative Pebbles are a selection of Granite, Marble and Quartz that start as the raw stone material, which is then processed in tumbling machines to give the smooth finish and specific size requirements.

In water, the Kashmiri decorative pebbles intensify in colour many times over. Perfect for water features, fountains, pool surrounds, Japanese and rainforest gardens. With no chemicals being added to the pebbles, they are safe for you to use in both aquariums and ponds.

These decorative pebbles are ideal for courtyard designs, and excellent for paving and decorative pebbles inlay. They can also be used to liven up centrepieces on tables, vases or garden pots by using one colour or mixing the decorative pebbles together.

The imported decorative pebbles come pre-packed in UV protected clear plastic 20 kg bags for your convenience. If you are after large quantities of stone, check out our Decorative Pebbles & Gravels we source in bulk from around the east coast of Australia. Alternatively, many of our Kashmiri Imported Decorative Pebble range can be ordered and purchased lose in a 1 tonne bulk bag but longer waiting periods will apply whilst they are imported.