Enrich Your Garden & Enjoy Rapid Growth with UltraGROW Soils and Organic Xtra Fertiliser

UltraGROW Soils from Centenary Landscaping Supplies

Now you’ll get 5kg of Organic Xtra Fertiliser with every Tonne purchased of selected UltraGROW soils.

Selected soils in our new UltraGROW range of garden and under turf soil mixes are now supplied with Organic Xtra Fertiliser when purchasing over 1 Tonne at a rate of 5kg per Tonne. For retail customers only. We want you to unlock the best results possible with our soil range!

Learn more about UltraGROW the brand.

Great for
  • natives
  • fruit trees
  • vegetables
  • flowers
  • turf
  • palms
  • potted plants

Organic Xtra

Enrich your soil, enjoy rapid growth, consider the environment & enjoy crops which are healthy to consume. Organic Xtra is the perfect blend of composted manure, blood & bone, fish meal, seaweed & more – 100% natural, organic, foolproof to apply and suitable for the entire garden. You can’t go wrong!

Organic Xtra contains:
  • aerobically composted poultry manure
  • blood and bone
  • fish meal
  • seaweed extract
  • natural minerals
  • sulfate of potash.
As with all of our fertilisers, Organic Xtra is quality checked so you can be assured that it is:
  • free of pathogens
  • low in moisture
  • low dust
  • easy to apply.
Organic Xtra is a pH neutral organic fertiliser which means:
  • slow release of nutrients
  • increased earthworm activity
  • increased water retention
  • better soil aeration.

Organic Xtra is certified by Biological Farmers of Australia, Australia’s foremost organic certification body.