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One of the traditional ways of building a fence is with timber posts, rails and palings and whether you are surrounding your whole house with a fence or just need an odd post or paling, we will have it here for you to pick up 7 days a week. Or we can arrange a delivery to your home at a time that is convenient for you … and include on the truck any concrete or cement products you may need.
Fence Posts Length Width Thickness
CCA Treated Hardwood
3.0m 100mm 75mm
3.0m 100mm 100mm
CCA Treated Pine
2.4m 100mm 75mm
2.4m 100mm 100mm
Fence Rails
Length Width Thickness
CCA Treated Hardwood 4.8m 75mm 38mm
4.8m 100mm 38mm
CCA Treated Pine 4.8m 75mm 38mm
4.8m 100mm 38mm
Palings Length Width Thickness
CCA Treated Pine Flat Top 1.2m 100mm 15mm
1.5m 100mm 15mm
1.8m 100mm 15mm
CCA Treated Pine Colonial Top 1.2m 75mm 15mm
1.5m 75mm 15mm
1.8m 75mm 15mm
Buying treated fencing timber can be tricky… even for professionals. Sometimes you can’t be certain how much you need to complete the job. That’s why at Centenary Landscaping Supplies we will help you calculate what is required and will take back or exchange any fencing timber that is not needed, provided it is resalable.

Timber Treatment:

All the fencing timber sold at Centenary Landscaping Supplies is treated – most using Copper Chrome and Arsenic (CCA), which protects the timber from both fungal attack (rotting) and insect attack (termites). Copper is the fungicide, Chrome the insecticide, and Arsenic is the fixing agent that holds the chemicals in the wood.

Level Of Treatment:

There are different amounts of treatment put into the wood depending on what it is being used for and it is very important that the timber you buy is treated to the level required for the job at hand. When building a fence, some of the timber will be in contact with the ground and therefore has to have a treatment grading of “H4”. The gradings are:

  • H3 ….  Exterior use but above ground (e.g. fence rails and palings, pergolas, etc.)
  • H4 ….  Exterior use in ground (e.g. retaining walls and fence posts)
  • H5 ….  In contact with water (e.g. jetty or pontoon)

The Complete Package:

When building a fence you will need to concrete the posts into the ground and fix the rails to the posts …..  and at Centenary Landscaping Supplies, you can order the lot in one place and have it delivered to your home making the whole process easy for you. (Nail guns and their nails need to be sourced from a Hire Company.)

How to Build a Timber Fence