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FLORAFELT Vertical Garden Planters

FLORAFELT Vertical Garden Planters are an exciting and unique way to create living green walls. They can be used both indoors and out to make custom living walls simply by hanging and planting.

The Florafelt panels are irrigated from the top and middle row of each panel and the microfibres in the felt wick the water to the plants below. Excess water can be recirculated or drained away, or simply allowed to drip in the proper outdoor setting. Nutrient water can be added as the plants mature, creating a hydroponic living wall system that allows your plants to flourish for years.

It’s a whole new way to think about gardening!

Grow a living wall easily with the Florafelt system! Each Florafelt panel is hand-made in the USA and are designed to use the micro fibers in PET felt so that all the plants are watered equally.  The felt is made from recycled plastic bottles, a nylon non-toxic fiber that is indestructible and tough. This amazing material provides a safe growing medium that is pH neutral and non-reactive, so you can garden organically right on your wall – it’s even safe for vegetables and herbs!

Roots grow right into the felt, which comes alive thanks to the microbiology in the soil.

Each Florafelt module comes with the custom Root-Wrapping system. This lets you change and re-arrange your living wall at will, while maintaining the integrity of every plant in its own soil.

The Florafelt Greenwall system is unrivalled in quality and design and while there are many cheaper alternatives on the market, none equal the Florafelt system.

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