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Centenary Landscaping Supplies is your one stop destination for pavers, tiles, blocks, pots and more. We have sourced the very best deals from across the state so you can maximise your budget. We have the great range of factory seconds at our disposal both in stock or available direct from our suppliers. And if you’ve seen a product at a different location, let the Centenary Landscaping crew source an equivalent product at up to half the price!

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What are factory seconds?

Are you currently planning a landscaping or building project but are not sure about seconds? Learn all about the different types of products Centenary Landscaping Supplies sell and make an informed decision.


Cutting Service

We know not everyone is a skilled and well equipped paver layer or landscaper. In a paving job one of the biggest expenses (apart from the pavers of course) is sourcing, borrowing, buying or hiring equipment to allow you to complete your paving job successfully and professionally. Whether it’s the basics like wheelbarrows, shovels or screeds and the more expensive mechanical equipment like wacker packers and wet saws.

Well we want to make your paving job just that little bit easier by offering to you a simple paver and block cutting service that will help you achieve a professional finish, with out the expense of hiring a wet saw for a day, weekend or month.

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How does it work?

As we can not be on everyone’s paving job site, we ask for you to bring your paving cut requirements to us. Watch the video for some tips on how to best mark and prepare your pavers for cutting.  We recommend completing as much of your paving job as possible and leaving the cutting until the end, provided the chosen paving pattern allows for this. Once complete, move around the area marking cuts on your spare pavers just like in the video. Make sure you use a suitable permanent marker as pencil will wash off under the saw. Remember, sometimes you may be able to use the rejected pavers (not suitable as a full unit) for cuts as we may be able to cut off a broken section or chipped corner to fit.

If you’re completing a very large job requiring large volumes of cuts, we recommend hiring a wet saw from your local hire store. This will save you having to mark many cut lines and transport them back to the store for cutting.

Cuts are charged out on a per paver basis and are quoted job by job, so it is best to give us a call on 3373 4920 to discuss the specifics of your paving job. Please note, all cutting is carried out on Thursday’s each week. Deadline for a paver cutting job is 5.00PM Wednesday. This allows for customers to drop their paver cuts in on the weekend and collect them the following.


Please browse this selection of Frequently Asked Questions we get asked, well, frequently! If there’s anything we’ve missed, feel free to give us a call on 07 3373 4999 or shoot us an email over on the Contact page.Contact Us

You’re too far away and I can get it somewhere closer!

Incorrect! No matter where you are located in South East Queensland, Centenary Landscaping Supplies has the best range of factory seconds products. You simply will not find the quality anywhere else. It’s definitely worth a trip! On top of that, we can organise delivery to Metro Brisbane at very competitive rates.

You sell seconds, what are they?

Centenary Landscaping Supplies sells a huge range of paving and retaining wall products including factory second’s, commercial products, trials, factory mark down’s as well as a select range of EXCLUSIVE first quality gear. You can read all about the differences between these products on the What are Seconds? page. But essentially a second’s product is just like what a scratch and dent store might sell for white goods. They might have a few dents but they are still great products and at even better prices!

Why should I buy a Seconds product?

This one is easy! They’re up to 50% less than a first quality equivalent, which is great! If you have a project on the boil and the budget is tight, you’ll definitely be able to find a paver or block to suit your budget and style at Centenary Landscaping Supplies. The great thing is, your dollar goes so much further when you’re shopping smarter. Cutting your supply costs in half means you might be able to nab a premium product you ordinarily couldn’t have stretched to.

Can you source firsts as well?

Yes! Centenary Landscaping Supplies sells a huge range of paving and retaining wall products including factory second’s, commercial products, trials, factory mark down’s as well as a select range of EXCLUSIVE first quality gear.

You don’t have the paver or block that I want!

Well let us know what that is and we can see if we can get it! We have a finite amount of space (that’s a lot of space by the way, and it’s full!) so there is sometimes gear at our suppliers waiting to come in or available to us. If you don’t see it, it doesn’t mean we can’t get it!

Do you still have this paver I purchased last year?

Unfortunately, we might not. As our range is always changing and second’s by their very nature are always different, we might not have the exact product you bought before. But we will do our best to find a solution for you.

Do you have products other than blocks & pavers?

We certainly do! At any given time we will have have a great range of pots & planters, timber and other landscaping products. It changes regularly so drop in and check it out for yourself!

I’m a tradie, do I get a further discount?

Our prices are generally the best and cheapest around when it comes to second’s! From pavers to blocks, timber to pots. So with that being the case, generally there is no further discount off the second’s range.

Does your products come with a warranty?

No, Centenary Landscaping Supplies second’s products do not come with any sort of warranty and guarantees. Please read and understand the disclaimer below.

Centenary Landscaping Supplies recommends all products are viewed in-store before making a final decision on your purchase.

Centenary Landscaping Supplies sells non-standard products collectively referred to as “Seconds”. They include Seconds graded products, Commercials, Rejects, ROK’s (run of kiln) and factory mark-downs.  These lines do no meet the higher quality standards to qualify as a First graded product and are therefore not covered by manufacturer or retailer warranty. 

Faults that can occur may include but are not limited to colour differences and variations, imperfections in size and finish, breakage and chipping within the product packs. The products have been priced accordingly and are sold on a layer-by-layer basis; picking “perfect” product will incur additional charges.

Please ensure you thoroughly inspect product quality before making a purchase as there will be no refunds or credits issued on second, commercial and factory marked down stock.


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