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6 ways to improve your home’s kerb appeal

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You wouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but you probably would judge a house by its exterior. 

If you want […]

His take on the modern day gardener

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GOD: Francis, you know all about gardens and nature. What in the world is going on down there? What happened to […]

4 reasons to consider artificial turf

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Are you spending your weekends pushing a 2-stroke around your yard like a mug? Wasting thousands of litres of water […]

A new urban turfing solution

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Synthetic turf or artificial turf isn’t new, in fact, there has been some form of artificial option available since the […]

Turf Maintenance through the Summer Months

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As the temperature heats up, we usually jump in the pool to cool off, or turn on the a/c to chill out! Unfortunately, we can’t do the same for our lawns!

Plants for your new baby’s nursery

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Using plants in the home not only makes a space look great, but they perform some other fantastic environmental roles […]

5 essentials needed to create a formal garden

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The typical classic or formal garden first found its way to our shores through our English and European history. In […]

How to: Choose the Right Turf for Your Project

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If you are considering laying a new lawn, you will usually fall in 1 of two categories. You’ve recently built […]

6 Common Lawn Weeds – Identification & Treatment

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If you’ve ever been in charge of maintaining a garden or lawn, it sometimes feels like you’re on constant red […]

How to: Control Lawn Weeds in Sir Walter Lawns

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There’s nothing worse than spending hundreds of dollars maintaining your lawn only for a few persistent lawn weeds continually taking […]

ColourGuard – The Greenskeepers best friend

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Are you an obsessive green keeper that dreads the winter? Do you sadly look out your window at your browning […]

5 of the biggest gardening mistakes

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Although some green thumbs would have you thinking otherwise, there’s certainly an element of chance when it comes to successful […]

5 of the best climbing plants

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Do you have an unsightly wall, fence or pergola you wish you could soften with some sympathetic planting? Climbing plants […]

Ground cover: plants for down low

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Do you have acres of gardens and too much of it blank? Ground cover plants are a perfect way to fill […]

Top screening plants for your garden

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There’s a saying that your garden is not complete until you can walk around naked without the chance of being […]

How to bring back a suffering house plant

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Are you a bit of a brown thumb but love using plants indoors? Well even if you have a plant […]

Enjoy the outdoors this winter

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Article featured and provided to Centenary Landscaping Supplies by bmag – written By Resa Zekants.

Enjoying a cuppa out on the balcony while […]

10 easy-to-grow herbs for your kitchen garden

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What’s better than a home-cooked meal? A home-cooked meal made with fresh from the garden ingredient! Not everyone’s a green […]

6 perfect indoor plants to green up your home

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Indoor plants are a fantastic inclusion in any interior design. Plants clean the air, improve ambience and the right species can certainly add a touch of class. Check these 6 perfect indoor plants you can use to green up your home.

5 plants that will love life on your balcony garden

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Article provided to Centenary Landscaping Supplies by Lifestyle Website: The Home Edition.

Are you dreaming of an urban garden but just […]