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About Centenary Landscaping SuppliesDenise and I purchased Centenary Landscaping Supplies in 1985 with its small team of three and a half (the half started at 7am and was gone by 10am) and three trucks (one newish and two old). The yard occupied about 1/2 an acre while today it covers some 71/2 acres here at Darra. It may surprise some to know that the yard was started by the Hawkins family some 18 years earlier (about 1968, the year I was drafted into the Army) when the Centenary Shopping Centre was first built. I was one of their customers when I was a cosmetic sales rep in the early 70′s (the “Olden Days”, as our kids refer to that time) and again as a teacher in the late 70′s.

At the end of each month Denise (keeper of the books) would add up what we owed our suppliers , and as I lay exhausted from working a 12 hour day in the heat and dust, and she’d inform me that there was only $3760 in the bank while owing a great deal more to our suppliers. We were “broke” and finished!… NOT SO, as it turned out, because they were the days when “tradies” paid their account at the end of the month on time and the weekend generated enough cash to pay the bills almost on time. I can imagine some of my current suppliers reading this saying “what’s happened since then?”

You may laugh, but quite frankly we didn’t have a clue about cash flow nor budget projections but some how we hung on to grow the business to the enterprise it is today, with some 35 to 40 team members. It’s now estimated that over three hundred and twenty seven people directly or indirectly depend upon the viability of our little enterprise… a responsibility we don’t take lightly.

Today, Centenary Landscaping is headed up by our General Manager, Richard Hampson, who gives leadership to seven teams. including Management, Operations, Administration, Marketing, Sales, Commercial, and the Yard and Driver teams. We run a fairly formal structure based on the philosophies of Michael Gerber but still with a family owned orientation.

Currently, the company occupies some seven plus acres, making it the largest single operation of its type in Brisbane, where you can also contact us. We have also just completed the first phase of renovations that make your visit more rewarding, as the yard is now cleaner, and better organised. Drop in to see for yourself and be surprised. This gives us the ability to  provide you with a huge choice of products and services.

Our 7 1/2 Acre Yard

The introduction of the DIY Videos and Guides make the site more exciting and informative for you.


Cheers… call now on 3373 4999 to discuss your needs and place your order!

Terry & Denise O’Shea.


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